Bamano smart assistant for mother and family

Bamano is a comprehensive solution for parents and other family members of children under seven years old. Bamano helps families raise their children by using artificial intelligence. In Bamano, in addition to experiencing a healthy and safe environment to record your children's memories and share them with other family members and friends, you can meet people who have a similar situation to you. be in contact. You can also benefit from content compiled by the best content producers according to your child's age.



Record your child's memories in Bamano Invite your family members and friends to Bamano. Collect all your childhood memories in one place.

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smart assistant

Monitor your child's health and growth. Find animations suitable for your child's age. Use Bamano's tools to improve your Waldegrity.

Smart assistant

Bamano's smart assistant allows you to information Record and observe the child's growth, sleep, health, nutrition, etc. regularly.



Record medical information

Growth test

Growth test

Examining the development process of the child

child's sleep

Child's sleep

Regular recording of the child's sleep



Regular record of baby feeding

Height and Weight

Height and Weight

Regular recording of the child's height and weight



Record the digestive information of the child

Smart assistant Smart assistant

Happy memories start here!

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